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NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
amprolladevuan's apt repo merger parazyd2017-08-14 11:46
arm-sdkos build toolkit for various embedded devices parazyd2017-04-12 19:04
autohella simple replacement for GNU autoconf parazyd2017-02-01 14:46
blck.cfone-click url shortener parazyd2017-05-03 01:02
coffinsecure lan file storage on a device parazyd2016-10-10 11:46
counterfactosmall software tool to analyze twitter and highlight counterfactual statements parazyd2017-03-08 23:14
devuan-releasebotdevuan's releasebot reimplemented (scorsh version) parazyd2017-07-27 12:55
dwmdynamic window manager parazyd2017-09-07 07:34
gtombtomb gtk frontend in zenity parazyd2016-06-16 19:19
jaromaila commandline tool to easily and privately handle your e-mail parazyd2017-08-30 08:48
libdevuansdkcommon library for devuan's simple distro kits parazyd2017-06-26 15:56
marssuperminimal static website framework parazyd2017-02-15 14:24
mixmastermixmaster 3.0 patched for libressl parazyd2016-09-19 13:33
parlayyet another gentoo overlay parazyd2017-09-14 10:44
qemu-wrapperqemu wrapper used for specifying args to qemu-user in chroots parazyd2016-06-16 20:24
scriptsrandom scripts parazyd2017-09-01 08:59 website parazyd2017-09-19 11:20
stsimple terminal parazyd2017-09-07 07:33
timesheetpysimple timesheet generator parazyd2016-12-19 21:17
tombthe crypto undertaker parazyd2017-08-08 07:55
wallpaperscollection of wallpapers i found nice parazyd2016-10-10 14:01
wikiknowledgebase of randomness parazyd2017-02-15 23:51