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2017-08-14 11:46cleanup; add overridable env vars to shell scriptsparazyd3+9-6
2017-08-11 08:35refactor sign_release to use gnupg directly via subprocessparazyd3+22-19
2017-07-24 09:55styling fixesparazyd6+19-23
2017-07-24 09:41handle requests.exceptions.ConnectionError when grabbing remote Releaseparazyd1+7-3
2017-07-24 09:37comment cleanupparazyd12+29-18
2017-07-23 15:58fix multiprocessing issue with download()parazyd1+4-6
2017-07-23 12:56revert handling of requests.exceptions.ReadTimeoutparazyd1+2-2
2017-07-22 09:10handle ReadTimeout exception in download()parazyd1+5-4
2017-07-20 00:28stop hashing weak checksumsparazyd1+2-2
2017-07-17 23:12refresh documentationparazyd2+10-5
2017-07-17 22:53better in contribparazyd1+25-18
2017-07-17 22:31add lighttpd configurationparazyd1+34-0
2017-07-13 15:23contents doneparazyd1+0-1
2017-07-13 15:11better header garbage skip in merge_contentsparazyd1+7-3
2017-07-13 09:53parse through the garbage header in Contents filesparazyd1+4-1
2017-07-13 09:37merge Contents-source.gz properlyparazyd1+4-2
2017-07-12 12:59implement merging of Contents filesparazyd1+99-0
2017-07-12 12:58temp disable config respect in amprolla_initparazyd1+7-5
2017-07-11 21:09hash uncompressed files in memory when writing Release filesparazyd1+15-1
2017-07-11 21:06append Contents files to the release generation filelistparazyd1+6-0
2017-07-11 21:06save space by only writing gzipped filesparazyd1+8-8
2017-07-11 14:26tested on py3.4parazyd1+2-2
2017-07-11 12:29implement proper rewriting of Release headersparazyd2+61-22
2017-07-11 11:56don't rewrite package paths if they were rewritten alreadyparazyd1+2-2
2017-07-09 21:16comment unused importsparazyd1+1-1
2017-07-09 13:57update todo: suite state is now global (solved)parazyd1+0-1
2017-07-09 12:02revert to deb.debian.orgparazyd1+1-1
2017-07-06 22:39log packages depending on libsystemd0parazyd1+4-0
2017-07-06 22:38log found banned packagesparazyd1+5-0
2017-07-06 22:35implement a module to hold global statesparazyd4+17-3
2017-07-06 21:32fix dependency list creation in package_banned()parazyd1+2-2
2017-07-06 15:48pylintparazyd1+2-2
2017-07-06 15:43refactor merge() to be able to merge any number of repos properlyparazyd1+26-26
2017-07-06 15:42temporary hardcode a rewrite for proper Release headersparazyd1+8-4
2017-07-06 15:42respect defined categories when downloading with amprolla_initparazyd1+6-5
2017-07-05 10:42add more documentationparazyd2+129-0
2017-07-05 10:30be able to opt out of signing Release filesparazyd2+4-3
2017-07-04 14:33exit cleanly when amprolla catches an exceptionparazyd1+4-1
2017-07-04 14:33don't replace Release headersparazyd1+4-4
2017-07-04 09:35try to avoid download interrupts by raising the timeoutparazyd1+1-1
2017-06-29 14:01conform to debian Release headersparazyd2+6-3
2017-06-29 12:47add example gnupg dirparazyd1+4-0
2017-06-29 12:40respect defined architectures in amprolla_initparazyd2+6-4
2017-06-29 12:14support old versions of python-gnupg (revert when obsolete !!!)parazyd1+5-2
2017-06-29 09:53support portable gnupg directoriesparazyd2+4-2
2017-06-29 09:53bump todoparazyd1+4-1
2017-06-28 23:42add rsync dep; update todoparazyd2+3-2
2017-06-28 18:39add helper script to populate suite aliases/symlinksparazyd2+39-2
2017-06-28 18:09be more informational when rsyncingparazyd1+4-0
2017-06-28 17:50rewrite Suites to according stable/testing, implements new dictparazyd2+20-1
2017-06-28 17:20implement orchestration of incremental updates with a shell scriptparazyd2+20-2
2017-06-28 14:19fixup! try to handle connection interrupts in net.downloadparazyd1+1-1
2017-06-28 12:55rename DEBIAN-SEC to DEBIAN-SECURITYparazyd3+14-14
2017-06-28 12:33skip writing Valid-Until in Release filesparazyd1+3-3
2017-06-28 12:28regenerate Release file if it's newer even if there are no changesparazyd1+3-1
2017-06-28 08:29cleanup todoparazyd1+0-2
2017-06-28 08:26explicit imports in lib.packageparazyd1+6-6
2017-06-28 08:23try to handle connection interrupts in net.downloadparazyd1+5-1
2017-06-28 08:21begin logging refactoringparazyd3+54-32
2017-06-28 07:55add description in readmeparazyd1+6-2
2017-06-26 12:26nginx: use for -security; shorten; tls exampleparazyd1+7-17
2017-06-25 15:38fixup! add missing onion and https nginx rewritesparazyd1+12-4
2017-06-25 15:35add missing onion and https nginx rewritesparazyd1+37-0
2017-06-20 08:35log old packages to a fileparazyd3+14-6
2017-06-12 12:07implement checking if a package with a lower priority is newerparazyd1+20-0
2017-06-07 22:48don't use regular expressions in parse_packages()parazyd1+7-7
2017-06-07 22:34cleanup; remove old cruftparazyd8+28-59
2017-06-07 22:11move to to allow updates without spam commitsparazyd3+248-248
2017-06-07 17:38add TODOparazyd2+8-50
2017-06-07 14:23release the brakes from updates; report total time on end of updateparazyd1+6-2
2017-06-07 14:05fixup! wishful fix for Sources rewritingparazyd1+1-1
2017-06-07 13:55wishful fix for Sources rewritingparazyd1+9-6
2017-06-07 13:10finalize incremental updatesparazyd2+59-33
2017-06-07 12:11implement proper updating logicparazyd5+112-56
2017-06-06 20:49(not finished) begin implementing general logic for updatesparazyd3+65-76
2017-06-06 20:47optional gpg signing of release file (defaults to True)parazyd1+8-7
2017-06-06 18:26use only needed imports in amprolla_initparazyd3+30-21
2017-06-06 18:25parallelize Release generationparazyd1+34-28
2017-06-05 23:06fix nginx configparazyd1+5-3
2017-06-05 22:43multiprocess initial downloadparazyd2+24-16
2017-06-05 22:30merge with amprolla_merge.pyparazyd3+67-91
2017-06-05 21:01some documentation in the readmeparazyd2+16-2
2017-06-05 20:46pep8/pylint fixes, safety checks in write_packages() and write_release()parazyd7+31-28
2017-06-05 19:47add readme; remove obsoletenessparazyd3+25-113
2017-06-05 19:10gpg signing of Release files (using python-gnupg)parazyd4+37-15
2017-06-05 18:05implement generation of Release filesparazyd5+164-18
2017-06-05 12:38merge sources files as wellparazyd4+87-21
2017-06-01 15:47import hashlib functionsparazyd2+7-3
2017-06-01 15:39copy also the internal Release files for archesparazyd1+9-2
2017-06-01 12:30skip nonexistent when loading Packages filesparazyd1+2-1
2017-06-01 10:47write also the lzma-compressed, and the uncompressed filesparazyd1+13-4
2017-05-31 23:45rewrite all repositoriesparazyd2+7-7
2017-05-31 23:16rename files to proper module names; add docstringsparazyd5+200-191
2017-05-31 23:10license headersparazyd5+9-0
2017-05-31 23:08pylint/pep8 fixes, remove some cruft from libparazyd6+77-96
2017-05-31 22:46rename amprolla-init to and make it a valid moduleparazyd2+74-63
2017-05-31 21:18fix gzip writingparazyd1+4-3
2017-05-31 21:07add a orchestrate merge exampleparazyd4+137-107
2017-05-31 20:39If merge_packages gets 0 or 1 package sets, don't failMerlijn Wajer1+3-3
2017-05-31 11:44add nginx confparazyd3+18-2
2017-05-29 16:02write new packages to their proper placeparazyd3+10-4
2017-05-29 15:37use the repo rewrite name from the config in devuan_rewrite()parazyd1+1-1
2017-05-29 14:54implement suite structure to orchestrate mergingparazyd3+88-40
2017-05-29 11:38rename testing to stretch, due to debian releasing it soonparazyd1+5-5
2017-05-27 21:27add notes, download files hashed in Releaseparazyd2+24-1
2017-05-27 20:53pylint; pep8parazyd2+7-6
2017-05-27 20:49initial dl of Release files for spooldir; styling fixesparazyd4+82-155
2017-05-26 13:49add note about comparing checksumsparazyd1+1-0
2017-05-26 13:44implement basics of checking the remote for updatesparazyd3+75-3
2017-05-26 13:22no regexparazyd2+29-6
2017-05-26 13:21move amprolla to amprolla-mergeparazyd2+59-59
2017-05-25 23:06Various pylint fixesMerlijn Wajer1+12-5
2017-05-25 22:54Add rewriting of 'Filepath' using a custom rewrite functionMerlijn Wajer2+28-6
2017-05-25 22:41Increase parsing speed by not using regexMerlijn Wajer1+25-1
2017-05-25 22:03Implement reading, merging and writing of Packages filesMerlijn Wajer5+341-174
2017-05-20 21:55More style fixes + note on loggingMerlijn Wajer3+7-5
2017-05-20 21:49PEP8 fixesMerlijn Wajer6+47-39
2017-04-21 19:56currentparazyd14+1393-0